Scouting for all…

Ten years ago, an atheist woman sued the Boy Scouts of America because her first-grade son was *required* to attend a recruiting session for the scouts during lunch at a Portland public school. The woman claimed discrimination– the Boy Scouts require boys to profess belief in God, and that wasn’t how she was rasing her son. (And you can’t be gay, either, because apparently that makes you unqualified to tie knots.)

Now, the Oregon Supreme Court overruled a lower court’s decision and sided with the Boy Scouts.

I don’t understand what the Scouts want to do… recruit all these boys and then kick them out a few years later when they’ve made a personal decision about their beliefs?

What rationale did the majority of the court have for allowing the Boy Scouts to do this? They said, “It is in the later enrollment in the organization that the Boy Scouts differentiate among those who do not profess a belief in the deity and those who do.”

And so that makes it ok.

Of course, if the Boy Scouts discriminated against Jews, maybe the court’s decision would be bigger news.

But we’re atheists so this is allowed.

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  • Trex

    The Scouts have an oath and law that have been in existence for more than a hundred years which reflect their values. These include faith in God. Everyone knows what these values are. With due courtesy and respect, anyone who does not share these values is not required to join. Muslims have organizations which would not permit anyone of any other belief system to be a part of. Do atheists welcome and respect Christians, Jews or anyone who acknowledges the certain existence of God? I do not intend to be argumentative or discourteous. But anyone is free in this nation to form organizations with their own value system in place. If anyone does not share the values of any organization, why would they want to be a member of it? To compromise their values and deeply held beliefs, the Boy Scouts would cease to be Boy Scouts in the same manner that an atheist who professed faith in God would cease to be an atheist. Respectfully submitted.