Darby’s Back

Larry Darby is back in the news… so something disturbing must be happening. Darby, the former atheist and current Christian, was defeated earlier this year in the primary to become Alabama’s Attorney General. Why did he lose? It might have something to do with his white-supremacist, Holocaust-denying views, but who’s to say… still, he received 43% of the primary votes. Nice work, Alabama.

What’s he up to now? Trying to run for Governor. He sent this letter to the heads of the Alabama Democratic Party stating they should stop supporting candidate (and Lieutenant Governor) Lucy Baxter and replace her with him.

This probably won’t work since the Alabama Democrats passed a resolution a couple months ago saying he wasn’t welcome in the party.

An email from Darby stated financial support for his (inevitable, I’m sure…) “free speech” campaign would be appreciated.

I’ll get right on that…

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