Ben Franks, Part 2

Ben Franks is the Democrat running for a seat on the 6th Court of Appeals in Texas. Now the Republicans are using his supposed atheism against him as reason alone not to vote for him.

The El Paso Times had said Franks was an atheist a couple weeks ago, when they were discussing the Democrats’ official party platform which says “We want a Texas where all people can fulfill their dreams and achieve their God-given potential.” Franks didn’t care that the word “God” was in that statement. He was quoted as saying, “I’m an atheist, [and] this does not bother me. I’m a pragmatist.”

However, according to this article, Franks says he was misquoted. He really said, “Let’s say I’m an atheist. I still have no problem with this platform, because I’m a pragmatist,” implying he wasn’t a non-believer.

That God is in the party platform in the first place should be of concern to everyone, and if Franks was an atheist, I’m disturbed that he’s ok with it. But I can understand the worry over the political suicide that would occur if he said the party should remove the reference to God.

It doesn’t matter to me if he’s an atheist one way or the other. But the Republican tactics just support the idea that it’s ok to knock someone down if they don’t believe in the Christian God.

Funny how they aren’t saying anything else negative about him, as if he’d be a wonderful candidate except for his religious beliefs.

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