CJOB’s GodTalk, Part 2

For those who would like to hear the interview from last night, going here is the best way to hear it. Otherwise, you can subscribe to GodTalk on iTunes and hear the podcast.

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  • joshua shaw

    Comment about Religious Why when religion is a topic are the poorest people in Canada who are supposed to be the wealthiest due to our land and resources put in the firing line? Did not cjob conduct a poll at one time regarding North American Indigenous Games ? And did not the so called christens voted to not ever have them again? One more question .Maybe you would like to reintroduce the christian boarding school system again.
    You people don’t like it why don’t you go back where you came from? Maybe you can all go back where your forefathers got banised from . We certainly don’t want or need your kind here ands then again they don’t want you people there either. Oh, and it is not only religion I’am referring to regarding this subject.