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I’ll be back to normal posts soon, but just wanted to clear a slight backlog:

— Can someone please explain why contestants on “Deal or No Deal” actually think that case #[whatever] is the lucky one? Because they know it’s right? Because a voice is telling them to do it? Because they feel that it’s the lucky case? Someone tell me there’s not a connection to religion there. And does anyone else also feel *really* good when the contestant picks that case and ends up losing the big money?

— A new article on the “Battle of the New Atheism” appeared on It’s a decent article– anything to get the ideas out there, right? Pharyngula has an interesting take on it.

This American Life is now podcasting! Best. Radio. Show. Ever. And as I mentioned before, Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God was excerpted on the show before (their most requested episode ever).

— What do non-religious people have to celebrate this holiday season? What do we hope for in the future? is hosting a card and ornament design contest for secularists of all ages as a way to “positively answer these questions and more with artistic expression.” There are different age categories (11 and under, 12-17, 18 and older) and all media (painting, printmaking, collage, digital art, photography, etc.) is accepted. Each prize winner will receive an ornament and set of cards with their image, as well as some HumanLight candy! Entries should be sent as a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) JPEG to In the body of the email, include your name, age, what country and state (if it applies) you are from, and what method you used to create the image.

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