Jesus Camp… Discontinued?

The evangelical summer camp that was the subject of the documentary Jesus Camp has been discontinued!

Now we’ll never have to deal with religious fundamentalists ever again…

I’m just kidding. Becky Fischer, the camp organizer/pastor, says “We have decided to hold different activities in future.”

I’m thinking she’s not about to tone down her rhetoric. She’s built a reputation for ruling over a children’s camp so extreme that one activity involved the kids praying to a cardboard effigy of President Bush. Sadly, parents were sending their children to this camp before. There’s no doubt they’ll do the same thing when Jesus Camp 2.0 opens.


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  • Jeff

    Was it intentional that you left out the reason the camp was shut down?

    Multiple acts of vandalism forced the closure – probably by some “friendly atheists” huh?

  • Name?

    Jeff, you say it was discontinued because of vandalism? I think fundamentalists thrive on the idea that they are being persecuted. Now things are actually getting hardcore…and they quit?