Atheist Senator?

The word is spreading that Bernie Sanders, the “other” independent senator (from Vermont), is an atheist.

Is it true? Yes, says this blog. He’s Jewish, says this (probably more credible) website. Wikipedia (the most credible of all…) also says he’s Jewish.

Still, if the rumblings are true, Sanders may one day come out as the first openly atheist member of Congress… It hasn’t happened yet, though.

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  • Julie Marie

    I used to live in upstate NY, on the border with Vermont, at the time Bernie was first running for congress. He is certainly independent minded enough to be considered a free thinker….his initial win was a surprise. I would guess that he got re-elected not based on skillful politicking, but b/c his consituency appreciates the fact that he is who he is, wherever he is. And he does fight for their issues.

  • txatheist

    He may be Jewish by heritage but what many call a secular Jew meaning he doesn’t follow it. I was baptized as a kid but that hardly makes me Christian anymore.


    Very intriguing, he is certainly ethnically Jewish but it is entirely possible that he is an atheist. Which would only make him more appealing to me. He has been my favorite congressman for a while, my favorite in the house and now my favorite in the senate followed by Russ Feingold.

  • Michael Bains

    Here’s a link to a guy who has fun exemplifying atheist Jewishness.

    He can be harsh as all get out, but is frequently fun to read and offers many an interesting and thoughtful take on religious nutterdom.