Culture War at the Polls

Matt Cherry wrote an article for Humanist Network News yesterday regarding the elections. He says that they were a sign of progress for Humanists on a number of fronts. And while some of the ballot initiative results were still disappointing, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Cherry elaborates in the article.

He ends with some words of warning and encouragement:

Yet while the religious right may have overreached in the past few years, it remains a potent force in American society and politics. There may be grounds for hope for humanists, but there’s absolutely no reason for complacency.

Humanists can find allies, as well as opponents, across the political spectrum. It is vital that we make our values and policy concerns known to our representatives. Write to them now, congratulating them on their election (where appropriate) and emphazising the issues you have in common with them, as well as letting them know of any policy issues you are concerned about in their upcoming terms.

Beyond that, why not become more active in public policy by running for office? There is no more direct way to put your humanist values into action.

You can read the article here.

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