Southern California Campus Organizer

Because of a grant from a group called Atheists United, The Secular Student Alliance recently hired a part-time campus organizer in Southern California in order to get the word out about what we do and affiliate new groups in the process. Ryan Langley, the SoCal Campus Organizer, was featured in this article.

He is described by the journalist as an “evangelical atheist.”

I suppose it’s a cute term. Oxymoronic really. But when you read what the journalist wrote, it doesn’t appear that Ryan is doing anything “evangelical.” He’s not out hunting people down. He’s just talking about what he does with people who want to listen. When I was in college, I felt like I was being followed by many of the evangelical Christian groups– they wouldn’t let me leave their sights unless I said I wasn’t interested and even then they wouldn’t let me go. It was as if I had to be rude in order for them to get the message that I didn’t want to come to Bible study with them. And then I came off as a rude atheist, which wasn’t me at all. Then again, the article says that of the few people that talked to Ryan, none were interested in starting a group. Should he be more aggressive? Should he be “evangelical”?

Read the article. What do you think?

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  • txatheist

    I think that’s part of the college life, to get exposure to such things. I remember at San Diego State we had a older christian guy come out weekly and bellow from a high point about how it’s illogical to graduate from college and yet never be required to read the word of his god.

    If this guy is just offering people a chance to listen to his lecture then that’s pretty much like any other organization on college campuses. More agressive? No, just advertise/market better if he thinks that will bring a better turn out. Here’s an example of a sign.

    Free Beer with ID
    Friday 6 pm
    college location
    lecture on atheism also


  • Whitey

    I don’t think that “evangelistic” necessarily means “aggressive”. Then again, evangelistic, evangelical and evangelist are words that seem to have changed meaning over the years, depending alot on who you’re talking to.