Salon’s Sexiest Men Living. has published their first annual list of the “sexiest men living.” Salon’s writers are not looking for the movie star looks or the perfect set of abs. They would rather have:

…a good lyric, a good laugh, a well-articulated theory on the existence of man … yowza, let’s just say not all turn-ons start with a spray-on tan.

And who holds a spot on their list among the faces of Bruce Springsteen, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jon Stewart? None other than Richard Dawkins.

Yep. You read that right. One of the Sexiest Men Living. Dawkins.

Here’s what writer Lauren Sandler says of “the most famous atheist in the world”:

…those cheekbones, those piercing eyes, that pursed bow of a mouth — but that brain, oh that brain, oh, god, that brain — is what makes Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and the most famous atheist in the world, the sexiest man around.

You put the “sex” in sexagenarian. Let us clinch in a godless embrace, crying out to what we know does not exist, searching, searching evermore.

To be fair, I’d say there are also a large number of male atheists who would admit to having a man-crush on Dawkins.

… Ok, I’m one of them.

If you wanted a basis for comparison, Stephen Colbert is ranked “No. 1 Sexpot!”… so you *know* the list is accurate.

To see the full list, go here. You may have to sit through one of Salon’s &*#@ commercials…

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