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Sarah is an atheist on MySpace. She gets unwanted email all the time, but one deserved a response. She talks about it here. It makes you wonder if this guy was trolling MySpace for single girls or for atheists (which might even be creepier…).


Shawn shares his views on why he did not choose to become an atheist. He only chose to examine his religious beliefs.

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""In 1948, Forer gave such an assignment to his students, claiming that the statements they ..."

Even Atheists Are Susceptible to Irrational ..."
"Beer?https://www.maxim.com/.imag...(I'll never get the time back for having watched that movie...damn it.)"

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"But it makes you a saner person, all other things being equal."

Even Atheists Are Susceptible to Irrational ..."
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