Through my work in groups like the Secular Student Alliance, I’ve been able to meet many of the leaders in the atheist community. So far, I haven’t met as many Christian leaders, but perhaps that’ll happen more when the book is released next spring. I’m hoping to put some interviews with these leaders up on the website in the near future. Similarly, I’d like to put up interviews with younger people who may or may not have made up their minds about religion.

That’s where you come in.

What questions would you like to see everyone (religious and not religious) answer?

Are there specific questions I should ask the atheists? Christians? Younger people? Older people?

If you’re in high school or younger, and you’d be willing to be interviewed, please let me know. If you’re a Christian leader, same thing.

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  • MC5

    I think you should ask theists why their god sends earthquakes (and the subsequent tsunamis) and other natural disasters.

  • Karen

    I find myself increasingly interested in the topic of transformation. For religious believers, there’s a fascination with individual conversion stories and people are often asked to give their “testimony,” i.e. recount the story of their religious transformation, as an encouragement to others.

    As a Christian-turned-atheist at midlife, I find myself similarly fascinated by “deconversion” stories. It’s only a small group who are raised in particularly dogmatic religions who seriously re-evaluate their beliefs as adults. I’d like to hear more from non-believers who were raised with religion about their personal “enlightenments.”