The Bachelor

I’m watching The Bachelor (don’t ask). The bachelor (a prince) has two girls left to choose from. He introduced them to his parents. During some one-on-one time, the mom decided to read each girls’ palms…

At this point, the correct reaction should be, “I don’t want your family’s genes.” And then the girl should leave the show.

Instead, each girl became very excited. Not fake/I’m-on-the-Bachelor-so-I-must-play-it-cool excitement. It was real excitement. As in, “This is incredible!” excitement.

The mom’s conclusion after all this? She couldn’t decide which girl her son should choose. Shocking. And both girls’ are pisces, too. I mean, what can you possibly base your decision on if not their palms and birthdate?!

No wonder this stuff rots your brain.

I’m hoping the son is at least embarrassed by all this.

And now, I’m turning off the TV…

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