Atheist Sex

The latest Humanist Network News Podcast is all about the sex.

It features an interview with Certified Sex Therapist Dr. Marty Klein, an interview with Jeff Swenson (author of the comic Freethunk), and best-of clips from the first year of the podcast.

But wait. There’s more! Don’t miss the (PG-13 explicit) radio play (at the 27:32 mark) featuring a Deist woman having orgasms while trying to avoid saying “Oh God!”

One replacement: “Oh… Red Queen Hypothesis!”

I promise you that this segment alone is worth the download time. (I mean, how often do you get to hear Richard Dawkins’ name screamed out in bed?)

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  • HumanistPR


    Thanks for listening! And thanks for the plug.

    One note to potential listeners — use headphones if you’re going to listen to radio play at work! It is a little graphic for most offices.

    And please feel welcome to call our listener comment line at 206-339-4168

  • cautiousmaniac

    I think she says Robert T. Bakker. As in this dude?

    That guy is a turn-off unless you are into preachers who like dinosaurs.

  • HumanistPR

    Hi cautiousmaniac,

    Yeah Jeff, the cartoonist/playwright, took some heat for including that one on this discussion board:

  • Secular Planet

    I mean, how often do you get to hear Richard Dawkins’ name screamed out in bed?

    Dawkins might hear it fairly frequently when he’s in bed, though I doubt it’s his full name.

  • Siamang

    I imagine his neighbors hear it at all hours.

  • KoKoMo Jr

    Just scream out “I’m a Monkey, I’m a Monkey” like Mr.Garrison did!

  • HumanistPR

    OK we had so much fun recording that radio play, that we decided to make a video and go the YouTube route.

    The video features the audio from our podcast and Jeff’s Swenson’s cartoon work.

    You can watch the video at any of these three locations. Warning: sexual content! You probably shouldn’t watch at work.…ay_god_in_bed/