South Park Classic

Enjoy this lovely Christmas message from Mr. Garrison, circa 1999.

Oh yeah… it’s explicit. And offensive. And all other things that make South Park so fun to watch.

Keep the kiddies away.

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  • txatheist

    My wife had a letter from “Santa” sent to our house today. My 3 year old was ecstatic. It brought a joy to my heart. Later we were talking about it and asking each other if his 10 year old cousin still believed in Santa. We didn’t know. My wife continued to say that we’ll keep this Santa idea going as long as we can. She then said that someday we’ll tell him the “truth”. I just looked at her and smiled as she knew what I was thinking. The truth about God too? As Mr. Hand would say “Merry Fxxxxxg Xmas”.

  • Siamang


    Dang. I wish South Park had something that funny for the Dawkins episode.

    Best episode recently was the Warcraft one.