New Life Church, Part 2

Ted Haggard stepped down from New Life Church for sexual misconduct…

And then came Paul Barnes

And now comes another guy from Haggard’s church. Christopher Beard had been heading a youth ministry at New Life Church. That is, until his recent resignation after admitting sexual misconduct.

What is in the communion wine in Colorado churches…?

Even more amazing is the way New Life announced this resignation to its staff, almost as an afterthought. Look at the email they sent (emphasis is mine):

Dear Staff,

Wow, what an amazing week! Wonderland [New Life Church's Christmas program] was attended by more people this year than ever before. Sunday morning was an incredible display of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

In the midst of all the extra effort we’ve been putting forth, I hope each of you were able to attend at least one service this weekend to worship God and be spiritually refreshed. I loved hearing from our head Overseer, Brother Larry Stockstill, on video reinforcing his confidence in us and the on going process.

Pastor Ross reminded our congregation this morning that, after the Overseers permanently removed Ted, we asked them to further assist us to ensure that we as a staff are all rightly ordered as the church moves forward. So far, they have interviewed many of us on the pastoral staff, beginning with the senior leaders. As a result, Christopher Beard has resigned his position as director of Twentyfourseven. It is apparent that he has displayed poor judgment in some leadership decisions, in addition to one instance of sexual misconduct several years ago. That misconduct did not involve Ted. Twentyfourseven will continue this year under the direction of our college pastor, Aaron Stern.

Christopher has served New Life for over nine years, and we are grateful for his faithfulness and dedication. We love him and his family, and we stand with them as they walk through this difficult time.

If you have any questions about the Twentyfourseven leadership transition, please feel free to contact me directly at ext. 103. Please continue to pray as we seek God’s will in this vital season of our church.

Excited about our future,

Pastor Lance Coles

I’m not sure what Beard did, but the misconduct happened years ago and did not involve a minor. It involved an unmarried adult (guy or girl, they don’t say…) and this was before Beard was married. What could this guy possibly do that’s immoral when both parties are of legal age and single?

So much for forgiveness.

At what point do these church leaders take responsibility for their own actions? Why does it take a Board of Overseers for Beard to admit his mistakes? Why did Haggard wait for Mike Jones to reveal the truth to the press before admitting any wrongdoing? For that matter, why do the Catholic priests wait until they are accused of molestation before they try to make amends?

When will these churches admit they are fostering hypocrites?

When will the people that attend the churches in question admit their leaders have been lying to them?

What’s most upsetting is that men like Haggard, Beard, and Barnes decide to work in churches, acting as moral leaders and role models. In the back of their minds, they know they’ve acted immoral enough to warrant stepping down from the church. And yet, they still take on the positions while condemning others who do the same thing.

If the church is teaching the value of forgiveness, then they shouldn’t be letting these people go. Either support them, or do your research before hiring them in the first place.

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  • Logos

    I have just one thing to sat


  • Siamang


    When the Haggard thing broke, one webpage linked to photos of pretty much every man in position of authority at New Life and said “who’s next.”

    The gag was that, I’m serious, my Gaydar was going off on every single one of them.

    I didn’t share it at the time, because I thought it was a bad thing to do. Public scrutiny was high, and the thing smelled of witch hunt.

    But man…. Gaydar is accurate.

  • spin sycle

    Isn’t anybody else by their use of the word “overseer”?

    and forgive the cynic in me but did their congrgation increase after Ted left? Are they just trying to keep up mometum with more $$$ flowing in and the rest is publicity continued? Maybe the people who joined up want to see some first-hand misconduct?

    I’m just sayin

  • spin sycle

    i meant bothered….isn’t anyone else bothered by their use of “overseer”


  • prophet

    “When will these churches admit they are fostering hypocrites?” …

    Hmmm, I believe the press release does just that.

    “What could this guy possibly do that’s immoral when both parties are of legal age and single?”

    Okay, you can’t have it both ways bub. So criticize the church for hiring hypocrites and criticize the church for firing them. You’re double dippin’ now.

    When are you gonna admit that there really is nothing the church in general could ever do to please you? When will you admit that you get a sadistic pleasure out of pointing fingers at these people? At what point will you realize that you are a pawn on the wrong team in a spiritual battle of good vs. evil? What’s most upsetting is that you are a puppet on some demon’s string and you don’t even know it. Though if you put your thinking cap on you’d really begin to wonder yourself why this is so fun for you. Try to do what is right, exactly as the bible lays it out, you’ll begin to comprehend why Paul says: “But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of covetous desire.” In Romans 7. Walk the path of a true Christian and you will understand why great men fall. Only then will you command demons and order them to flee from you, or speak a word and see the sick healed.

    The power of God is real, but He will not be measured by any man. If He reveals Himself you have no choice but to obey. It is when you choose to obey that you are rewarded. He has left us plenty of evidence and no excuse. Only a fool can say in his heart “there is no God”.

  • txatheist

    Welcome prophet. Interesting beliefs you hold.

  • prophet

    When you are alone and contemplating your existence isn’t the truth of it really God? You know it, but ignore it. :-( Therein lies the guilt.

  • Siamang

    Ah, but those who say “thou fool” are headed for hellfire.

    Wow, you called me a fool. Yeah, we’ve heard that bible verse before. Not very original.

    Welcome Prophet, for as long as you stay. We welcome visitors and new posters here. May you learn something about us.

  • txatheist

    On this board that sprung from off the map conversations we try to understand the christian view and the christians try to listen to us as well.

  • HappyNat

    Belives we are controled by demons? check

    Uses the “fools” line? check

    Assumes we are filled with guilt? check

    Only a couple more prophet and you’ve can hit all of the top 5 tired arguments given to atheists.

  • spin sycle


    “judge not lest YE be judged” sure springs to mind

  • MTran

    Prophet is typical of the self righteous rage-oholics that make dialogue impossible. With so much steam coming out of his ears, I doubt that he can hear much that anyone says.

    Prophet also claims to be a mind reader when he says, among other things: When will you admit that you get a sadistic pleasure out of pointing fingers at these people?

    “Sadistic” ? “Pawn”? The only one making offensive accusations and using hateful language here is “Prophet,” who seems to be spouting the usual pre-packaged tripe.

    Hemant (The Friendly Atheist) is not “double dipping” or “having it both ways.” He is describing rather clearly how this so-called Christian church is behaving in ways that are clearly at odds with its own moral teachings. That these intolerant fundamentalists are ethically incoherent is not news, although it continues to be appalling.

    If any religion or religious leader claims to have the moral high ground, as these folks have, yet repeatedly demonstrate that they are lying, hate filled, abusive hypocrites, then they should be called on it.

    There are plenty of highly ethical theists and there are plenty of church leaders and denominations that I have admired, and continued to do so after I became an unapologetic atheist. But the Ted Haggards of the world offend the very forgiving and reasonable sensitivities of those affiliated with the churches I attended during my youth. These types of “religious leaders” are mindlessly destructive of both their “enemies” and their own supposededly moral message.

    As long as good intentioned Christians insist on supporting and praising these sorts of dysfuntional people, policies, and instititions, all Christians and believers will be lumped together under the “religious nut case” category.

    Diatribes like the one left by “Prophet” undermine any claim to moral insight that he may think he’s espousing.

  • Just Juls

    Touché spin sycle. Touché.

  • prophet

    I have read all of your responses. You are right I likely won’t remain long based on the condition of the soil here.

    MTran, your response was well thought out. It really doesn’t boil down to any of those things. It boils down to there being a God and you not believing Him. No bone bag, me included, ever will make any difference in the truth of God’s existence. He is the beginning and end. I only hope you will stop and contemplate that again every time another believer swings their hoe in your direction. Over and over the same message, God WILL NOT be measured by any man.

    When you find your faith you will be more complete than most. Have you contemplated the Nephilim of Genesis 6? Despite your doubt those passages must be intriguing to you knowing what you do of the fossil record. Who were these sons of God and daughters of men? Sounds like something right out of Lord of the Rings. At some point the daughters of men mixed with some sons of God, making them much larger than men of the time. Heroes of old?

    Bone bags all of us, but we are created by an all powerful God. If you keep looking for answers from bone bags full of hot air you will have spent your life talking and never participate in the supernatural existence that awaits. So many people call themselves Christian, but those many will say “Lord, Lord” … and He will say “I never knew you”.

    You will be more than that when you believe.

  • txatheist

    I had honest, heart-felt, xian faith and chose to leave it in the bone bag. If your god says he didn’t know me that’s because I’ll explain the book I was to use the was the bible and that certainly couldn’t be something he would have inspired as a loving god.

  • HappyNat


    Like txatheist, I “knew” god, and I had faith at one time. I know the comfort of believing in god, but I couldn’t ignore the facts any longer. When you believe it is very difficult to imagine life without god, but it is amazing how there is very little difference.

    Parts of the bible do sound like Lord of the Rings, a good read for sure, but not something to base your life on. Most stories of incredible supernatural feats and dismissed as fiction at the outset. I can’t see anything to make the bible any different.

  • Siamang

    I have read all of your responses. You are right I likely won’t remain long based on the condition of the soil here.

    You were the one who came here and spoiled it with your invective. Your first post here and you were busy calling us fools, sadistic, pawns, puppets on a demon’s string, etc.

    Then you complain about the condition of the soil??

    Merry Christmas.

    Prophet, please realize that we’re not your enemies here, we just don’t think you have all the answers. Realize we are all different people with different perspectives who have walked different journeys of faith and belief.

    Realize that athiests, like believers, are loving, caring people who want the world to be a better place. I’m not controlled by a demon, unless that demon is the one who wants peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

    Time to lose that beligerant attitude that makes you call everyone with different beliefs or ideas than you being controlled by demons. Believe in God, or don’t. But please lose the demonization of others points of view. I’m a grown-up. I’m assuming you’re one too. Stop acting like this is an episode of Battlestar Galactica and give me the common respect to deal with my beliefs on their own merits and not by ascribing some supernatural secret motive. I’m not a demon. I’m also not a Cylon. Or a Terminator sent from the future to kill you. I’m a human being, and I appreciate being treated like one.

    Nobody’s mind was ever changed because someone accused them of being a demon.

    If you really want to speak for God here, start by setting a better example.

  • MTran


    I doubt that “Prophet” is ever going to sound anything like someone who could speak positively about his “god” or much of anything. I say that based on the contents of the page that his name is linked to. The primary item of interest on that page appears to be a “Fart Button.” Yep. Real sophisticated representative for his belief system.

    So, no more feeding the troll!

  • prophet

    Where do you see a “fart button”? I am in the habit of linking back to previous posts, but I apparently don’t see what you see on that page. Though I’m not sure what my sophistication has to do with anything and asserting that is fallacious. I’ll admit readily that I am far from sophisticated.

    Anyway, as the exaggerating continues this “troll” will make his exit. I never said anyone “is a demon”, that is actually not how things work. So I certainly would not say something like that. But the predisposition to internally skewing my words is a prime example of the influence being applied. No one is his own master. When you serve God it is quite obvious, when you don’t that fact becomes hidden from you. The bible calls it “being deceived”.

    There are many church goers that are “deceived”. They never really committed themselves. It is amazing the tightrope a true believer walks inside the church. If I spoke the overflow of my heart a foot would be in my rear quicker than I could make a point. I would venture to say the majority of those that go by the name Christian and show up in church weekly are deceived. A good sign is whether they are losing their lives or gaining them, however bone bags are so clumsy it is quite difficult to know for sure. I pray constantly that I not be deceived. I daily consider the possibility and wrestle my flesh into submission. I spend and am spent for the gospel because I am certain of it. The reason I post here is because I am certain of the gospel, and one other thing. If you would commit to God you would be a true believer. Something that is on the verge of extinction these days. MTran, your whole character is built on understanding the creation. When you meet The Creator you will be complete, you will give your life away by your own accord, and you will find the treasure that so few find.

    Merry Christmas to you all, especially you MTran. I hope the next visitor is more sophisticated than I for your sake.

  • txatheist

    I presume this is you are one of the majority by your own statement.

    I would venture to say the majority of those that go by the name Christian and show up in church weekly are deceived… I pray constantly that I not be deceived.

    This forum is for listening and asking not preaching. Merry Festivus to you also.