A couple nights ago, Lori Lipman Brown of the Secular Coalition for America appeared on The O’Reilly Factor.

While the full clip is not yet available, Media Matters did happen to get a part of it.

Which part? The part where Bill O’Reilly is caught in a blatant lie.

Read the report and see the clip here.

Essentially, O’Reilly claimed that Best Buy employees are forbidden from saying “Merry Christmas,” which turns out to be… well… untrue.

Bill O’Reilly say something wrong? I know… I know. My world is flipped upside down, too.

One commenter wrote this regarding the segment:

I watched this segment last night and Bill was clearly agitated because this woman [Lori Lipman Brown] was calm and resolute in her arguments. That always throws him off his game as he becomes visibly unsettled when his guest presents themselves as informed and intelligent.

Go Lori!

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