BBC Blogger’s Person of the Year

As if there were any question…?

It’s Richard Dawkins.

Why is he the Person of the Year? Some of William Crawley’s many reasons follow:

  • For thinking clearly in a world that doesn’t much value clear thinking anymore.
  • For defending the delusion that science and religious faith are incompatible.
  • For lobbying atheism and humanism into the headlines more than anyone else has done before.
  • For marrying the actress who played Romana in Doctor Who.
  • For being rude and getting away with it.

Love him or hate him, it is true he’s done more to get atheism in the public forum than anyone else (including Sam Harris) this past year.

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  • Kevin

    “The delusion that science and religious faith are incompatible”? Pff, people can be both religious and scientific, but they can’t be both at one time without resorting to pseudoscience, and I think that counts as a form of incompatibility. You can watch VHS sometimes, and DVDs other times, but you can’t put a videotape into a DVD player. You’d need to pretend to insert the videotape and then hide it behind your back and say “see? it went in” to the sheep people.

  • blogone

    Thanks for the pingback. I’m listening to ‘The God Delusion’ on audio book. Its a very comprehensive piece of work.

  • Rakeela

    Dawkins is an interesting man. I personally disagree with his contention that science and religion are incompatible. The approach I take to religion is inherently scientific. I don’t believe in religion until I get evidence. And to go along with that, I’m very open to the possibility of evidence even though none has arisen yet.