Fundamentalist Threats

Remember the uproar than ensued when Pat Robertson not-so-subtlely called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez…?

So I was watching one of my favorite televangelist podcasts last night: Jack Van Impe Presents. (You can watch it, too. The audio can be downloaded here and video can be downloaded here.)

That’s when I heard Jack make this comment (At the 5:53 mark of the video):

… that’s the corruption that goes on in the United Nations. And there have been 50 wars in the last 15 years. They’ve done practically nothing about it. They sit there in New York and waste the time and the money of America’s taxpayers, and then a guy like [Hugo] Chavez and [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad from Iran come in and they blast America and blast our president and they’re protected by our secret service and they’re fed luscious meals. They should have taken them to Taco Bell and given them a little E. coli lettuce.

I’m not a fan of Chavez or Ahmadinejad either… but did Jack just suggest that they be poisoned?

Maybe I should also be offended by the Speedy-Gonzales-accent he attempted to use when saying the word “Taco”…

This aired days ago. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this? He’s not as popular as Pat Robertson, of course, but Jack’s show still has a wide audience.

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  • QrazyQat

    Robertson gets some additional attention because he’s a visible bigwig within the GOP, even so far as having been a candidate for the nomination for president. But the bottom line is that these guys say things like that all the time. If each of their outrageously hateful statements got news play (which they should, really) your daily newspaper would have to add several pages, and newscast would go from a half hour to 45 minutes.

  • Rakeela

    I’m of two minds on the issue of this comment and similar. On the one hand, it’s a clearly hateful thing to say, and simultaneously indicates violent tendencies while sending the wrong impression of America. On the other hand, do people pay too much attention to this kind of thing?

    It’s undeniable that what he said was wrong. What I don’t know for sure is whether it was so wrong that it merits an uproar.

  • False Prophet

    How many world wars have there been since the United Nations was founded?

    Violent as the world has been since 1945, trying comparing it to the world pre-1945. The UN’s far from perfect, but it’s preferable to nuclear armageddon.