My New Favorite Rapper

As a straight guy who normally listens to Ani Difranco and the Decemberists, you’ll be pleased to know I have a new favorite rapper.

Greydon Square.

Quantum Physics major. From Compton. Atheist.

Go be his friend.

And then listen to Pandora’s Box and Molotov.

Or better yet, watch them.

Pandora’s Box:


I wasn’t able to download the songs on MySpace, but I was able to when I went to Atheist Nation.

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  • spin sycle

    While not normally a fan of rap, I really really enjoyed this…..thanks for posting!

  • Karen

    LOL – “I’m Kirk Cameron’s worst nightmare!”

    That’s terrific, Hemant. Thanks for letting us know about Greydon. One of the things that concerns me is how few people of color – and blacks in particular – seem to affiliate with the (organized, at least) atheist movement. I’m sure the historical relevance of the black church and its connection to the civil rights movement is a big factor.

    That said, it’s great to see a young black atheist speaking up in such a relevant manner. I hope he gets a lot of positive publicity.

  • HappyNat

    Great find. I now have a favorite rapper for the first time in 20 years.

  • MTran

    Greydon is one talented one young man.

  • Greydon Square

    Hey people thank you for all of the support… you can check out those songs here at my new site i have up
    Look forward to seeing you all there
    Greydon Square

  • txatheist

    I’ve liked rap since NWA and this was good.

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