Says Christian: 2006 was Year of the Atheist

According to my friend (and eBay-buyer) Jim Henderson of Off the Map, 2006 was The Year of the Atheist.

As you know, in life there are things you plan for and things that happen to you. In 2006 we worked to achieve our goals but also got interrupted by God. His interruptions proved to be not only entertaining – but also strategic. God’s unplanned actions launched us into the national spotlight…

Jim is referring to the “eBay atheist” story as well as an upcoming book he’s writing.

In fact, Jim has two books coming out soon.

And they both have nifty covers.

The first is a re-release of his book a.k.a. Lost called Evangelism Without Additives

The cover:

Evangelism Without Additives

The other book is one that he is doing with atheist Matt Casper, called Jim & Casper Go To Church.

The cover:


Both books are being released in April, so there will be more discussion about them in the near future, but it’s nice to see them available for pre-ordering.

Speaking of which, go look at the upper right hand corner of this website. And follow instructions :)

April will be a good month for some Christian lit.

Christian lit written by atheists.

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  • jim henderson


    Thanks for the mention

    I had not seen the new cover before this posting and I did not know my next book was already available

    You are cutting edge with this technology stuff

    Aren’t you in Seattle over Easter?

  • QrazyQat

    2006 was it?!? Man, that’s a disappointment. I feel like the girl in that Swedish movie, “Show Me Love”, who was waiting and waiting for raves to finally arrive in her little town and then reads in a magazine’s “Hot or Not” column that raves are out. Over before it even gets to you.

  • Hemant

    Jim– I will be in Seattle over Easter for the American Atheists convention :)

    (You’ll be getting a phone call soon)

    – Hemant

  • spin sycle

    2006 was? Really? Dammit that I don’t get the memos!!!

  • jim henderson

    2006 was? Really? Dammit that I don’t get the memos!!!

    Yo Spin – no worries
    Lets just say it was “our” year of the atheist- just a few christians trying to have some fun and shake things up :-)

  • Logos

    Shake thing up? To what end?

  • QrazyQat

    Oh, I see. You were lying.