When Faith Silences Reason

Robyn E. Blumner, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, had a terrific article in yesterday’s paper. She criticizes Pat Robertson’s psychic abilities when he says the United States will face a terror attack sometime this year.

(Yes, I know that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s great to see a reasonable person writing it in a large newspaper for all to see.)

But if God is talking to Robertson, why is the Almighty being so cagey? Why didn’t God alert Robertson to the terror attacks that would occur on Sept. 11, 2001? Why all the vagueness about precisely what will happen and when?

The most sensible explanation, and the one most readers are probably thinking, is that Robertson is not actually conversing with God. Robertson is making this stuff up out of his own warped imagination and hedging his bets by being hazy on the details.

Blumner might be best known among secular circles for an article she wrote a couple years ago explaining why she is an atheist.

After summarizing Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation and recapping some of his arguments, she ends with a question for the religious people to ponder:

Why do we give religious personages such a pass? And why don’t we laugh Robertson right out of Dodge? Because way too often, faith silences reason, even among reasonable people.

Very true.

I’m sure she is getting much in the way of hate mail, so go email her words of praise.

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