The Prayer Challenge

It’s rare that you hear of the former atheist who became a Catholic… but this person did.

And he has a way to counter The Blasphemy Challenge!

His idea:

I suggest a prayer project for these persons involved in this project. Simply pick one of the people who have posted a video for the Blasphemy challenge and pray for them and perhaps start a lovingly ironic Novena to the Holy Spirit for them. No need of posting a video to YouTube for this just pray and offer up any sacrifice you can for that person. I usually pick St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross as my choice for intercession for the conversion of atheists.

Wait. I haven’t digested that last line yet. Let’s read it one more time.

I usually pick St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross as my choice for intercession for the conversion of atheists.

And this is why atheists do things like The Blasphemy Challenge.

To announce to the world that we don’t believe in superstitious randomness such as this.

The writer also states that the “thrust” of the challenge is against the Christian God and not, say, Mohammed. Why Christianity? Because that’s the heaviest religious influence in the country. In fact, as Brian Sapient noted, many of the entries have gone beyond merely denying the Holy Spirit. They’ve denied other Gods and superstitions altogether.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting a phone call from a “Teresa”…

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  • Richard Wade

    Tell them to stop! Tell them to stop! Ahhhhgh!! I know they’re praying for me! I can hear it! Ahhhhgh! I can feel it! No! Noooooo!! It hurts! Ahhhhhgh!

    Huh? Oh, it wasn’t for me? Oh.

    Never mind.

  • Brodie

    And what’s with the sacrifice? Is he going to slaughter a goat? Or prepare a salad? I didn’t know people sacrificed anymore.

  • Karen

    Another site I read reported on a (now apparently defunct) Protestant effort to organize a worldwide prayer hour against the Blasphemy Challenge. As one of the posters there pointed out, if worldwide prayer could be organized, and it’s adherents believe it to be so very effective, why would they waste time praying against some kids making YouTube videos?

    How about a worldwide prayer effort against world hunger, against war, against forced child labor, exploitation of widows, etc? Let’s see some results on those fronts first. I’d imagine the Blasphemy Challenge would be way down on the list of a real supernatural deity’s priorities.

  • Siamang

    If world prayer could solve ANY of the worlds most pressing problems, that would be proof of its effacacy and I’d be convinced.

    So two birds with one stone. They should get praying on that hunger thing.

  • spin sycle

    nothing’s happening so i would sarcastically guess that someone’s praying equally hard against them.

  • vern

    Uummmm… that guy doesn’t sound like an atheist to me. Sounds more like a punk who never doubted the existence of a xtian or catholic gawd but liked to pretend to himself and everyone else that he did so he was “cool.”
    Kinda like men who take classes on feminism ostensibly to be more in tune with women but upon closer interrogation reveal their true purpose to be “meeting hot chicks.”

    Moreover, he definitely sounds like a sheep, ready and willing to be led along by the strongest voice.
    Case in point;

    As Augustine said, “I would not believe the Gospels if it were not for the Church.”

    Augustine believes in the gospels because a bunch of people claiming their own authority over the massess shout over and over again how true must be their words.
    Likely our “ex-atheist” but not really friend here accepts the same logic; the pope claims authority over all that is catholic so he must be believed and believable. And I, as a catholic, must adhere to every dictum because he is the pope. And the pope has authority. Etc, etc. etc.

    Another annoying aspect of this “conversion” (more like reaffirmation) story is the quote from C. S. Lewis which is followed up by admission that he is not well-read in the sense of broad-spectrum exposure. Specifically he states that he “read little outside of SF except general magazines on science.”
    That’s not really what I’d call someone comfortable with their position; avoiding anything that might be contrary.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled enough.

    Love the blog…

  • Anne Barnstead-Klos

    My husband tells the story of an experiment he wanted to conduct in high school. He went to an all-boys’ Catholic school taught by “brothers.” One of them, Brother Ray, would lead his freshman boys in prayer each morning for freedom from temptation, world peace and “success in studies.”

    Hubby got very curious about the effects of praying and proposed to Brother Ray that the class be divided into two groups. Group One would study for their mid-terms and not pray for “success in studies.” Group Two would study for only 1/2 the time of Group One, and for the other half they would pray fervently for “success in studies.” Then the test results would be analyzed to assess the results of the praying for success in studies vs. the results of actually studying for it.

    Brother Ray sent him to the Headmaster who called his parents. He was grounded for two weeks. He says it was the beginning of his road to atheism.

    If prayer had power the world would be a very different place.

  • Anne Barnstead-Klos

    May I add that I read this guy’s “conversion story” and am compelled to deny that Jeff Miller was ever an “atheist”. He was a hedonist perhaps. Or intellectually lazy, or just a self-absorbed, mindless adolescent. But his use of the word “atheist” to describe himself seems more of a tool to demonstrate the supposed enormity of his conversion, the fanciful story of which is extremely typical of the non-rational. My favorite quote is this one: “Fortunately, we had moved to an area that had a Catholic radio station and also had EWTN on cable. The questions asked and the answers given on Catholic Answers Live were an important part of my intellectual conversion. ”

    I also enjoyed the part is where he is listening to G. Gordon Liddy explain the five proofs for the existence of god and realizes how many smart people (defined as those with whom he agrees) believe in god. This guy has no clue what “atheist” means.

  • vern

    realizes how many smart people (defined as those with whom he agrees) believe in god

    Apparently he doesn’t know what smart people are, either; G. GORDON LIDDY?!?!?!