The Strangeness of Science

Richard Dawkins delivered a lecture at McGill University in Canada (as part of the “Best of Ideas” series) last week where he discussed why “human beings are unable to grasp the reality that exists beyond our perceptions.”

It’s called The Strangeness of Science. Download the mp3 here.

(Thanks to Peggy for the link!)

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  • Karen

    I listened to this yesterday and thought it was wonderful. It’s really Dawkins at his best – providing a window for the layperson into the most difficult and complex areas of science. He manages to make it not only understandable (at least sorta, for me) but also enjoyable. This is why he has his Oxford chair, which is for “the Public Understanding of Science.”

    For those who are turned off by his anti-religious views, this lecture would be a good listen to get the other side of him. I think he only mentions religion or creationism once or twice. In fact, one of the questioners asks him about The God Delusion afterwards – he never brings it up during the lecture itself.