What Happens When You Die?

Theresa at Frasch Ideas lost a beloved relative recently. Among other things, she talks about how she is dealing with the loss as an atheist and whether there is any harm in religious people believing they will see their loved ones in Heaven.

Read her piece. It’s very touching.

Theresa ends with an optimistic, Humanistic thought:

I think to myself: That is why we should live the best life possible in the here and now. Enjoy the life you have laid out before you. Make the most of every opportunity. You really do only get one life to life – make the most of it.

Grandma Betty did just that. Goodbye Grandma. Thanks for being in our lives.

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  • spin sycle

    I can totally relate to her loss…when I lost my mother two years (it’s been that long?) ago, and fully accepting myself as an atheist…I wasn’t about to decieve myself with happy afterlife thoughts…but I found great solice in Buddhist philosophy. There I found that it was okay to own my grief, allow myself to have it and grieve for as long as I needed to. The only real time we have is now and we need to allow ourselves to remember and experience the moment.