Clergy Aren’t Required to do Civil Unions

New Jersey recently became the third state to approve civil unions. Much of the opposition to this came from religious groups.

However, that opposition may be dissipating.

The state’s attorney general, Stuart Rabner, said last Thursday that members of the clergy will not be required to perform the ceremonies.

Everyone else will have to abide by the anti-discrimination laws. They must perform all ceremonies or none.

I’m not sure what the “news” is. Churches have never been forced to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies against their will…

But maybe this type of step will help when it comes to legalizing gay marriage. If churches that are adamantly opposed to it realize they won’t have to deal with it in their own buildings, maybe the rest of us can go on living our lives with equality for all.

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  • Pedro Timóteo

    Not sufficient. It’s not enough for them to do what they want; they feel the need to make sure you do what they want.

    Religious fundamentalism was never about freedom, but about control.

  • KeaponLaffin

    I always thought this was a dumb argument from the Religious folks as well.
    Most churches won’t marry anyone without extensive counseling sessions/approval of the priest/pastor/etc anyways, so they always had ‘the right to refuse service’. Legalizing gay marriage wouldn’t change that.