The Amazing Meeting 5 Recap, Part 2

Pictures from The Amaz!ng Meeting 5. Solely designed to invoke jealousy. If you don’t know who is in the picture, just click on it to see the caption.

Then again, I’m in the same pose in just about every pic. I need to change that up. From now on, I will only scowl.

Two pictures deserve their own special mention.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, signed my friend Margaret Downey’s Gideon Bible.

Click on the images to see what they wrote:

Trey Parker

Matt Stone

I don’t care if you’re an atheist or a Christian, you *know* you want a copy of that Bible…

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  • Keith

    Wow that’s something else! What did Adam do to his finger, did he say?

    Great pictures, man. And lovely blog, it’s a daily read!

  • Siamang

    So are the south park guys atheists? That would explain why the atheism episode wasn’t viscious (or nearly funny) enough.

  • FriendlyAtheist

    What did Adam do to his finger, did he say?

    I believe it was something to do with a rotating saw and not looking at what he was doing…

    So are the south park guys atheists?

    Actually, I don’t think they are. Matt Stone did make a comment about how Richard Dawkins was the “smartest dumbest guy” he knew… as in Stone would read something brilliant in The God Delusion, and then the next paragraph would have something crazy. Hence, the atheist episode making fun of Dawkins.

  • Logos

    So just what are they?

  • William Klinger

    You’re right…I am jealous! Great photos, and that Bible is priceless. Good word!

  • spin sycle

    On his page, Trey Parker lists himself as an atheist…..and I’m totally jealous!

  • spin sycle

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong….however (turns on geek voice) Trey Parker is a former Mormon now atheist and Matt Stone is Jewish, hence the main characters of Stan and Kyle. That’s them in cartoon form. A lot of what those characters say are Matt and Trey’s views and opinions.

  • spin sycle

    Cartman is the annoying guy who just says what a lot of people wish they could! He is also something like Trey’s evil alter ego.

  • Angela

    It worked, I’m envious! Looks like atheist heaven (!?*)

  • Siamang

    I think they have too much respect for atheism, so they didn’t rip it hard enough to be funny.

  • spin sycle

    oh come on…..Richard Dawkins doing Mrs. Garrison while screaming “I’m a monkey” I thought was pretty funny

  • Karen

    About how many people attended TAM5, if you know? The access to “celebrity” skeptics looks to be incredible (assuming you didn’t get any special treatment as the infamous Friendly Atheist)?

  • Hemant

    About how many people attended TAM5, if you know?

    I believe the number was at 800… which was fairly impressive for this type of conference.

  • Timmy

    Actually Matt and Trey are not atheists, that is not even Trey’s myspace. In an interview with them I saw that they were not anti religious they were actually fascinated by it. In my opinion I think that they are Agnostic, because of the fact that Trey said in the interview that he believed that there was “something go on that we dont know about” (in my opinion, hinting towards a Higher Being). However it did not point that they we’re atheists at all really.

  • Cartman’s GF

    OMG SOUTH PARK ROX MAN!!!! WAHOOO!!! so who is it, trey parker or matt stone who does cartmans voice? anyone know?

  • Dan

    I guess Matt and Trey can best be defined as agnostics. I see them as having more or less the same outlook on religion as me, and I call myself agnostic, so if I had to pigeonhole them (like I do myself, hehe) I would say they’re agnostic.

    For the record: Parker was never a mormon, he was pretty much “raised agnostic”, as was Stone, even though he is ethnically jewish. But he did have a mormon girlfriend in highschool.

    Also, Parker does Cartmans voice….