Donnie Davies

It’s Sunday. Break time. Enjoy a video while you’re at it.

From a group called “Donnie Davies and Evening Service,” here’s a video called “The Bible Says”:

Priceless. The man with the pink shirt and mustache says he’s no longer gay.

This is too entertaining to waste any energy getting angry about it.

Unless this is for real…

In which case we should all be offended by this song.

(Thanks to Logos for the link)

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  • Stella Jayes

    Why are you saying that crap?? That is bullcrap and its not fair to those who are gay or bi. I’m bi, does god hate me?? That makes me so angry that you would go around spreading crap like that. God hates NO ONE! He may dislike ppl but he does not hate them. God doesnt want you saying that, its not true and it never will be.