Donnie Davies

It’s Sunday. Break time. Enjoy a video while you’re at it.

From a group called “Donnie Davies and Evening Service,” here’s a video called “The Bible Says”:

Priceless. The man with the pink shirt and mustache says he’s no longer gay.

This is too entertaining to waste any energy getting angry about it.

Unless this is for real…

In which case we should all be offended by this song.

(Thanks to Logos for the link)

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  • Siamang

    It’s a great song. I think that’s why some people don’t think it’s satire. He’s such a good singer.

  • Logos

    If it is a fake he has his persona down pat check out his blog

  • Siamang

    Yeah, he’s a stand-up comedian.

    He needs to be on SNL…. well, maybe if they did anything edgy anymore.

  • Simon Jones

    A very funny video, but what’s the deal with all the main video sharing sites in the so called “land of the free” deleting his video while leaving the real stuff online?

  • Logos

    you do have a good point

  • False Prophet

    Because Rev. Phelps has paid for that domain and can express himself through it however he wishes. Video sharing sites, however, are not owned by the content-providers and don’t have to permit anything they don’t want to be posted on them. Interesting for these sites: most of their content violates copyright law and they tolerate it unless directly confronted by the copyright owner. But someone posts an original video with a message that could generate controversy, they shut it down. Quite a demonstration of moral fibre.

  • MTran

    Google for “Joey Oglesby”. Apparently that’s the real name of the comedian who is playing “Donnie Davies”.

    I’m surprised at the swift removal of this video from youtube & other places. The managers must have believed it was for real. And if a lot of people were equally duped, it might have been a violation of youtube’s standards. But given all the crap that gets played on youtube, I can’t figure out what their standards might be.

  • Stella Jayes

    Why are you saying that crap?? That is bullcrap and its not fair to those who are gay or bi. I’m bi, does god hate me?? That makes me so angry that you would go around spreading crap like that. God hates NO ONE! He may dislike ppl but he does not hate them. God doesnt want you saying that, its not true and it never will be.