I’m That Good.

Speaking of Masala Skeptic, Maria made a mention of this article regarding The Amaz!ng Meeting 5.

She comments:

A most excellent article and it mentions:

“Women are outnumbered by about 4 to 1 at the meeting, so they make a point to get together and bond in their pajamas.”

…For the record, the Skepchick pajama party is a blast. Weirdly enough, it’s where I first met Hemant… in retrospect, I don’t think he was supposed to be there!

Yep. That’s right. I got into the Skepchick pajama party. Without a monetary bribe. Or chocolate.

Go me.

And affirmative action.

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  • http://www.masala-skeptic.com Maria

    Yes, it’s true. He was totally there without any sort of bribe (which we were insisting on from any male who attempted entry – you had to bring chocolate, booze or something equivalent to the table).

    Hmm… are you sure you weren’t just mistaken for a skepchick, though?


  • Siamang

    Wow, that sounds so HOT!


    Skepchick answers in her PJ’s

    Hemant: Pizza dude.

    Skepchick: I didn’t order a pizza!

    *Funky music plays*

  • http://friendlyatheist.com FriendlyAtheist

    That is *so* how it happened. :)