Ted Haggard updates:

  • He’s straight! Really. Another reverend even said so. So it must be true.
  • Here’s Reverend Tim Ralph:

    “He is completely heterosexual… That is something he discovered. It was the acting-out situations where things took place. It wasn’t a constant thing.”

    So if you’re a guy, and you have sex with a guy, but it’s not “constant,” you’re still straight. And if you’re just “acting out” when you get sodomized, you’re still straight. Which sounds odd, considering many guys get all defensive about their straight-ness when they’re simply in a locker room around other men.

  • He’s getting his masters degree in Psychology.
  • I can’t wait until he takes an Abnormal Psychology class and discovers that homosexuality stopped being considered a “sexual deviancy” back in 1973 with DSM-II. (Which means evangelical churches only have 34 years of catching up to do.)

  • He’s moving. Possibly to Missouri or Iowa.
  • Anyone else notice he’s slowly working his way to Massachusetts…?

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  • Karen

    Anyone else notice he’s slowly working his way to Massachusetts…?


    Amazing how a few weeks of Christian counseling has degayified him so effectively! ;-) They ought to bottle whatever tonic they used on him, I’m sure it would make them rich.

    I’m surprised, however, at the comment about how he was just “acting out” and the gayness wasn’t a constant thing. Didn’t he release a letter after his public outing that talked about these vile, disgusting impulses he’d been struggling against since he was a child? What happened to all that – is that gone, too?

    I guess we’ll find out when he gets a little farther along in his psychology studies. ;-)

  • Chairm

    The gay identity is not one and the same as same-sex attraction. Portraying that he is defined by “gayness” is a mischaracterization.

    Whether or not same-sex attraction is inborn or changeable, the gay identity is a social construct as is any other socio-political identity. And such identities can and do change.