CNN: Fair and Balanced

This is just infuriating. And on CNN? For shame…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here are a couple responses to the piece. The first link, especially, is well-condensed rage.

You can send feedback to CNN by going here.

(Thanks to Keith for the link.)

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  • Professor Chaos

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. I can’t watch this right now, because I’m at work…but is that Stephen A. Smith’s picture on the second clip?

  • Godless Geek

    Yes it is Stephen Smith, and he is the only reasonable member of the panel. The others are just raving hate mongers.

  • Professor Chaos

    Wow, I’ve never seen Stephen A Smith reasonable. I’ve always found him to be a racist blowhard.

    What does he think about atheists?

  • Godless Geek

    I have a couple of quotes on my blog. Basically, he says he doesn’t agree with atheists, but they have a right to free speech, a right not to be persecuted, and even goes so far as to imply, but not does explicitly state, that he would not oppose the removal of “under God” from the Pledge.

    It almost seemed to me like he recognized the obvious parallels with the civil rights movement and sympathized on that basis.

  • TGA

    This is appaling. Am I ever glad I don’t live in America.

  • spin sycle

    This is why I’m not open about being atheist, especially in Texas!! And I really wish I had atheist friends here!

  • CHR

    I don´t know what to say. What´s that blonde woman´s name again? Is she known to be a historian, social or political scientist or whatever, so that she can prove her claims, that europe´s fast falling, islamist and intolerant?
    Europe may have it´s problems, yes. Any region of the world or country has it´s flaws in many different aspects, Europe is no exception. If she knew anything about Europe, she would surely know that there are many different states with a variety of agendas and interests. And they even tend to have different views concerning religion and atheism. This woman´s indifference to sane and reasonable arguments is plain laughable.

  • John

    I appreciate the link.

    “Well-condensed rage” I like it.

  • Keith

    What really grinds me in particular (beyond the obvious) is that the woman on the left is Pulitzer Prize recipient. What a wonderful, eloquent and well-thought argument she presented for being a Pulitzer winner, eh?

    Also, the blond on the right made the remark about prayer in school, to the effect of, “well what difference does it make? A child isn’t going to understand…” That’s exactly the point, is it not? There was nothing in that statement of hers that shot down our reasoning for wanting prayer out of schools, it only made our point more clear in many ways.

    I wrote a perfectly calm yet strongly worded comment to CNN’s site for Paula Zahn Now in regard to not having any atheist representative present and, as expected, didn’t get a personalized reply in any way. Instead I got a reply thanking me for my “i-reporting on the death of Steve Irwin.” wtf?

  • Keith

    Apparently enough negative comments were drummed up about the CNN deal that Schlussel, one of the two women in that segment, came across enough hate mail that she felt the need to blog about it. I guess now we’re “future Muslim extremists” and “brainwashed.

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  • txatheist

    Spin cycle,
    It ain’t easy in Texas, I’ll concur but I’d look for a local UU church in your search for social outlets.

  • txatheist

    Spin cycle,
    May I ask what general area of TX you are in? I’m near Austin.

  • Siamang

    I wrote this:

    To the Editors,

    I viewed with disgust your segment about atheism, and your horrible panel discussion afterwards. A discussion that seemed to be titled “Why Do Atheists Inspire Such Hatred?” Replace the word “atheists” with “Jews” or “Hispanics” and the insult would hopefully be readily apparant even to your panel members.

    If it ever was apparent the discrimination and downright hostility atheists experience due to their mere beliefs, it was in this train-wreck of a segment.

    I take extreme exception to Karen Hunter telling atheists to “Shut up.” But unlike her, I believe the proper response to bad speech is more speech, not less. How awful that CNN seems to have also apparantly decided that atheists need to shut up. Why else would they be denied a voice on the panel?

    I understand that Richard Dawkins, the most inflamatory public atheist in the world today, has been invited to speak in defense of Americans like me. I think you have chosen him with the hope that he will provoke controversy. Just like you seem to have chosen two of the most strident theists to be on the original panel, you choose an equally polarizing figure on the atheist side now to provide “balance.” To quote John Stewart on Crossfire: “Please stop. You’re hurting America.”

    When is the media going to wake up to the notion that Americans don’t want CNN telling us what we are and aren’t? I’m an American. I pay my taxes. I vote my opinions. I do charity work and I raise my family to be good, hardworking honest people, I hope. What I don’t need is a big huge media corporation shouting me down as an individual. Karen Hunter and Debbie Schlussel and Paula Zahn have a bigger megaphone than I’ll ever have.

    They have CNN beaming their words worldwide, and they use their enormous power to tell relatively voiceless Americans like me to “shut up.”

    Anyone who ever shut up because the media told them to has no right to call themselves American, in my opinion.

  • Erik

    That is such bullshit that I can’t put it into words. Atheist and proud!