Debbie Schlussel

Remember that woman that looked like a blonde Rachel Dratch from the CNN (“we-don’t-need-no-atheists-in-our-segment-about-atheists”) videos? The one that *really* wants to be Ann Coulter?

Her name is Debbie Schlussel.

And she got your emails.

And she blogged about it.

And she’s become even crazier than before.

Some excerpts:

It’s hard to believe their letters because they were all attacking me for my appearance on CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now,” a week ago, but coincidentally each letter claims the sender just watched me on CNN. First of all, the video of that segment appears nowhere on the net. Believe me, if it did, I’d link to it.

Umm… it’s on the net. Everyone has seen it. If you take your head out of your @$$, you can find it. Now link to it Debbie. Link to it!

Look at famous atheists and what happened to them. Adam Gadahn a/k/a Azzam Al-Amriki–now a top Al-Qaeda video “personality”–was raised by his hippie Jewish father and equally bizarre gentile mother as an atheist. And look how he turned out. Ditto for hippie-spawn John Walker Lindh.

Those hippie Jews. Always getting in the way…

Man, this is as bad as the “If you’re an atheist, you must be a stealing, child-raping, sodomizing evil deathspawn” argument…

So to you hate-filled atheists a/k/a future Muslim extremists (redundant), your e-mails have no effect on me.

Well, in that case, the emails sent to won’t bother you.

And nice try, telling me you saw me on CNN, last night.

Yep. You caught us. Our bad. (And stop wasting commas, dammit.)

Oh… and someone in the comments decided to call Schussel a whore. 9382981312 times. That is how you make a point. By being a giant douchebag.

(Thanks to Keith for the link.)

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  • Keith

    Man you should see the comment thread tied to that story over at digg. Some of those guys make the twit with the 1 billion “whore” count look like a lightweight offender. Crazy.

  • Eliza

    Wow. Incredible post from her, & the responses are something else.

    She sounds alot like Ann Coulter, only farther off the deep end.

  • Shana

    I cannot believe the response to that blog. Many good arguments (that she probably won’t read) and many very angry people both on the Christian side and the atheist side. People like her amaze me because as she argues for ‘morality’ as a religious person, she is completely unaware of her own bigotry and prejudice against those who just don’t believe. I am also constantly dismayed by people who act like atheists should just stop whining and believe in God already. I mean, if we don’t believe, we don’t believe – right? Would it be better to pretend? Would that help us get to heaven? I just feel like theists of all religions often don’t see the logical fallacies in their own statements.

  • Logos

    I think that lady is just a giant publicity stunt! I would not pay her much mind

  • HappyNat

    Well FA, I’ve enjoyed your site but I must be leaving soon. I will soon become a Muslim extremist as you know all atheists will follow this path . . .ugh.

    Debbie is so dumb and misinformed it make my head hurt to read her “thoughts”. What is crazy is she is a jew who argues for this being a christian nation.

  • stogoe

    She’s got some sort of equivalent of stockholm syndrome, as it’s christianity holding the government hostage and she’s fallen in love with her captor.

  • Krystalline Apostate

    Wow, Hermant, I guess you’re having an ‘unfriendly’ day, ey? ;)
    I have a letter up at my site to Karen Hunter, if you’re interested.

  • FriendlyAtheist

    Wow, Hermant, I guess you’re having an ‘unfriendly’ day, ey?

    Krystalline– Trust me when I say that was me being friendly. :)

  • Krystalline Apostate

    Krystalline– Trust me when I say that was me being friendly

    Hehehehe – yeah, you’re way politer than I, no doubt there.

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