Barack Obama Announcement Preview

To the surprise of no one, Obama is poised to announce tomorrow morning that he’ll be running for president. If only Springfield, IL wasn’t 3 hours away, I’d be there for the announcement. Oh well…

You can watch Obama’s preview announcement here.

And tomorrow morning, you can watch Obama’s official announcement live on his website beginning at 10:55 am EST.

In regards to understanding church-state separation and respecting atheists while still being able to reach out to the religious community, there’s no one I’ve heard that’s better than Obama. I said as much in this article.

I’m all excited now. Even more excited than when I met Christie Vilsack.

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  • Von Berry

    How can you reconcile the fact that Obama has not voting record to speak of. You cannot predict what this main will do. He could talk his way in and do whatever he like. I am afraid of this man.

  • Hemant

    He has voted on many issues that I agree with (Supreme Court nominees, ethics reform, etc) and has spoken about issues he was not there to vote on (i.e. Iraq). Based on those votes, what he has said in his speeches, and his previous votes in the Illinois legislature, I have a good sense of how he will act in the future.

    That’s why I support him.

    - Hemant

  • Mark James

    If only Obama was actually an atheist then I would be really happy. But at least he was raised by atheists. That’s good enough for me. At least for now.