Life Today

Just a heads up.

In a few weeks (barring any change in plans), I’ll be heading down to Texas along with Jim Henderson. We’ll be promoting our books on a Christian TV show called Life Today.

I think it’s like Regis and Kelly… (if Regis and Kelly were married). With a live studio audience. And maybe Jesus.

I was looking through their website, and guess who was featured on the show a couple weeks ago?!

My buddy Kirk Cameron. It’s been so long since we’ve spoken…

I’m not sure when the airing date will be yet, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories post-taping.

Advice? Comments?

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  • Elkan Katz

    I think it’s important for any atheist given a public forum to mention as many of the prominent atheists that he/she can, e.g., Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Katherine Hepburn, Sinclair Lewis (1st Ameircan Nobel Prize in Literature), Carl Sagan,Steve Allen, many Nobel Prize winners, etc. Most of the public assumes atheists are immoral creeps and don’t realize that many of our greatest writers, scientists, thinkers, performers, etc. are or were atheists. Also, it might be good to mention that pre-Darwinian deists like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would likely be atheists today.

  • Logos

    I don’t think Steve Allen was an atheist.

  • Elkan Katz

    I may be wrong about Steve Allen. Wikipedia calls him a secular humanist but one internet article said he claimed not to be an atheist. I haven’t found anything that specifically says what he thought about God (he certainly did not think much of the bible) but I think he may not have wanted to hurt his career. Anyway, to me Steve Allen was a god.

  • nowoo

    If you’re looking for famous names to drop, check this site:

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  • janice seibert

    you people, are just plain pitiful. it is the fool that has said in his heart there is no god. professing themselves to be wise,they became fools.your also very proud to point out that most of our famous inventers,scientist authors and etc. were athiest.god didnt say that you were not intellegent he said you were fools. athiest are intellgent fools.just because you sad people dont believe in the God of the bible doesnt make him go away.and when you die you will stand before him.and you know the rest. not believing doesnt change the facts or the truth one little bit. i have listened to athiest, and you all make absolutely no sense at takes a really strong person to be a real christian, and a very weak person to be an athiest.