Tourism in Memphis

When I go to Memphis in a few weeks, here’s what I want to visit:

Memphis Statue

MegaCrosses are popping up everywhere.

Naomi had an interesting post on the matter– describing some of the biggest ones around.

She also writes through email:

Erecting and maintaining the sites can create dangerous situations, especially if it is an accident-prone area already. Rather than put up crosses, I’d rather they erected metal stars on posts, with high reflectability for both day and night. The more stars, the more care should be shown. However, most speeds are too fast to react to dangers, so neither the stars nor the crosses will serve as “danger ahead” warnings…

Has anyone else seen these crosses near them? Are they distracting more than helpful, even to Christians?

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  • TXatheist

    Have you seen the huge cross in Effingham, Illinois? I-57 and I-70 interstates meet there. It’s gotta be 100 feet tall but if it’s on private land then it’s on private land.

  • HappyNat

    I’ve gone out of my way to drive by the huge jesus coming out of the water in Monroe, Ohio . . . it’s pretty creepy if you ask me.

  • http://inthenuts.blogspot.com King Aardvark

    What, Jesus coming out of the water? I thought he was supposed to be able to walk on it.

    The engineer in me wants to put the statue on piles so his feet are just at the water’s surface.

    The atheist in me wants it put at the bottom of the water.

  • http://groundedinreality.blogspot.com Bruce

    That picture with the Statue of Liberty holding a cross makes me almost physically ill. I’m tempted to almost call it treasonous. What’s so ironic is that these people think they are “Real Americans” when they would be the first to gut the Constitution in order to impose their “Real America” on the rest of us. I just finished reading Chris Hedges new book “American Fascists”, so maybe I’m a little more keyed up about this than usual? But I now realize that the people who endorse this sort of imagery don’t really respect the principles that this country was founded on. And they are laying the groundwork to subvert our freedoms, eagerly anticipating the day that they can indeed truly call this a Christian Nation.

    So I don’t know if this is helpful to Christians, but I can definitely say that it is dangerous to America.

  • Bill

    Yeesh! Just when I thought I knew the definition of the word tacky!

    The cross is of great importance to me and my theology, but this just turns me off.

    It also strikes me that normally the torch wold be there in place of the cross. They will have to be very careful lest the mix things up and set the cross alight. I suspect that is an image they don’t want to project!

  • http://emergingpensees.blogspot.com/ Mike C

    As a Christian I find that statue incredibly offensive. This is civil religion at its worst. Whenever the gospel of Jesus gets wedded to the powers of Empire (including the American Empire), the gospel is corrupted and the injustices of the Empire get baptized in a way that makes otherwise good people fail to see them. This kind of marriage of church and state undermines everything that Jesus came to do, IMHO.

  • Siamang

    In my area there are a number of large crosses erected on top of mountops so as to be seen from miles around. A “hike up to the cross” was a lunch-hour exercize regimen at one of my former places of employment.

    I would often hike up to the cross, and look out at the stretching valley on all sides. It was a magnificent view.

    But I always wondered, if God made the mountain, does topping it off with a Cross speak to God’s glory or man’s?

  • http://gods4suckers.net/ Naomi

    The cross in Effingham is 198-feet tall. The one in Groom TX is 190!

    I think they’re arrogant and hubristic. And it gives me hope to hear a Christian say they’re offensive. Obviously, I do.

    I hope you all read the post about them. You will find other “tourist-y” places like the “Blessed Mary Cafe” and others.

    Greetings from GifS, Hemet! Thanks for linking.

  • http://gods4suckers.net/ Naomi

    Sorry for misspelling your name, Hemant! My bad…

  • MTran

    Bruce said:

    I just finished reading Chris Hedges new book “American Fascists”

    Can you give me a quick assessment of the book or whether you found it to be well written & researched?

  • http://www.portapulpit.com Sister Novena

    I’m proud/ashamed to say that I’ve seen the Green Monster of Memphis up-close and in person, and it’s simultaneously much worse and obviously not nearly as impressive as it was intended to be. Fortunately I don’t live in that part of town, so it’s not a part of my daily life. The church outside of which it sits is known locally as the Jesus-Go-Round. A fairly well-known ex-ex-gay activist once told an amusing story about an illicit hummer with one of the church’s lower clergymen during a Sunday service (he was there with his ex-gay group, and he left to go to the men’s room, and that minister was there wearing the most amazing cowboy boots, and… and… )

    Anyway, when you come to Memphis, if you’d like to know where we hide the cool stuff, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to fill you in or show you around.

  • Mike

    My wife and I live in another part of Memphis, close to Bellevue Baptist Church. They have three large crosses, which are visible from I-40.

    We’ve heard Bellevue often refered to as “Fort God” and “Six Flags Over Jesus” due to the large, brightly lit structures. It’s hard not to laugh.

    Looking forward to seeing you here next month Hemant!