The Magazine for the Black Ted Haggard…

… is called Venus Magazine.

It used to cater to African-American gays and lesbians.

But then the publisher, Charlene Cothran, became “redeemed” and is no longer gay.

Now, the mission of the magazine has changed to the following:

The new mission of Venus Magazine is to encourage, educate and assist those who desire to leave a life of homosexuality. Our ultimate mission is to win souls for Christ, and to do so by showing love to all God’s people. We believe that homosexuality is outside of the will of God. We know that many new and longtime VENUS readers have been instilled with a belief system that is in line with this teaching but are still living ‘in the life’. Many desire change and wonder if they can be accepted into the family of God ‘just as they are’. The answer is YES! These readers will find the new Venus an anointed and refreshing tool for kingdom work.

Cothran writes in this article about talking to a pastor who convinced her to change her lesbian ways:

As I blurted out that I was a proud card-carrying lesbian, the pastor reminded me that God’s mercy allowed me to survive my experiences as He developed my gifts, all as a part of His plan to lead others to Him, others who will not perhaps hear her or other ministers who have not LIVED this experience.

Lesbians gets cards?! I’m jealous.

She also gives advice to others on how to stop the gay:

Do not allow gay theology to divorce the Old testament from the New or the written words of the Apostles from the spoken words of Jesus Christ. This is a good trick, but its no longer working because God is preparing to bring millions of gays and lesbians back to His feet.

Gays have their own theology? Why has no one told me this…

Know that we were NOT born this way. This myth was fashioned by the white gay establishment as a basis for changing laws in favor of gay rights.

That’s right. It was the Man. How dare the “white gay establishment” try to procure rights for themselves! The bastards.

If you keep resisting [God] and hardening your heart, He will eventually stop calling you. You can then have a great time fulfilling all the fantasies of the flesh without feeling a thing, but what awaits you at the end of such a life?

A smile on my face :)

Also, if you’d like to share YOUR testimony with VENUS readers, email us at or write VENUS, P. O. Box 4167, Hamilton, NJ 08610. Include your day and evening number.

I think we should all submit testimonials. Don’t forget: You’re black now. And not gay.

Ok, I kid around. But since there were so many magazines devoted to gays and lesbians in the black community before, I wonder how this revamped version will do. Cothra says her target audience is still the same. I can’t imagine that gays and lesbians would be accommodating to this new Venus Magazine, but the Windy City Times says:

… only six have cancelled their subscriptions so far. In just one day last week, four online readers unsubscribed. According to Cothran, there hasn’t been a mass drop-off of readers; moreover, she said that she’s gaining subscribers in the form of parents of gay and lesbian children, and others.

(Thanks to Logos for the link)

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  • Siamang

    Damn that White Gay repressive establishment. DAMN YOU TO HELL, CARSON KRESSLEY!!!!

  • Mike C

    Actually there is such a thing as gay theology. You can find some examples of it here and here.

  • Magazine_Lover

    Wow! Kinda unique! I’m not into lesbian and gay magazine but this one you’ve posted are pretty cool. I’m gonna say this to my friends who are included on the list :D

  • Logos

    Waht’s so dang cool about it Magazine_Lover

  • Mike C

    I think “Magazine_Lover” is really a spam-bot.

  • kate

    At least this spam bot actually linked to a website. I get oddly frustrated by those spam bots who post inane comments without promoting any sort of crappy website.

  • Patrick Craig

    “Many desire change and wonder if they can be accepted into the family of God ‘just as they are’. The answer is YES!”

    Lemme wrap my head around this statement. “Many desire change…” That sounds like an opinion. Statistics, please? What’s ‘Many’ mean, anyway? And then, “…accepted into the family of God ‘just as they are.’” ‘Just as they are’ PRIOR TO the desired change (the move away from homosexuality), or ‘just as they are’ ONCE THE CHANGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED and they are fully qualified for entrance into god’s kingdom? If the former is true, that they are acceptable to god in their homosexual “state,” then why change? god loves them just the way they are, right? But he will love them more if they change? What’s going on here?

    I’m wondering what Bri would think about this. Guess I’m gonna have to write her and ask.

  • Logos

    A spam-bot! What crap. It just never ends does it!

  • Jennifer

    Lesbians gets cards?! I’m jealous.

    LMAO :))

  • Richard Wade

    A possible future news broadcast:

    “On this third of May, 2018 we take you now to our Vatican correspondent, Jenny Sayqua for more on our continuing story about the discovery of the remains of Jesus Christ. Jenny?”

    “Well Jack, the big story here is that nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Last week’s discovery of irrefutable scientific proof of the bones of Jesus Christ hidden in the catacombs of he Vatican for centuries, proof so undeniable that most of the world’s 2.1 billion Christians acknowledged it to be true, had little or no effect. This is an inescapable refutation of the Christian belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended bodily into heaven. His conquering of death was up until now thought to be the major, central belief of Christianity, and that the religion would stand or fall on this. But to the surprise of theologians everywhere, life for Christians around the world is continuing normally. Catholics, Protestants, those of hundreds of denominations are just fine. They’re going to worship, to work, taking their kids to school; it’s as if it doesn’t matter. Back to you in our newsroom, Jack.”

    A little further into the future:

    “On this tenth of July, 2029 we are broadcasting from our emergency newsroom in Atlanta Georgia. We’ll continue broadcasting as long as we can. We are getting sporadic reports from our correspondents around the country and around the globe about the growing chaos that was unleashed earlier this week when irrefutable scientific proof that homosexuality is a natural occurrence and not a lifestyle choice threw the world’s 2.1 billion Christians into a state of utter confusion. The effect was immediate and devastating: They started staggering around, disoriented and dazed. It resembles the “wandering sickness” portrayed in the 1936 film “Things to Come,” based on the H.G. Wells novel. They’re just wandering around by the hundreds of millions in the streets of cities all over the world. They’re not reporting for work. They’re not even eating. Busses, trains and airlines have stopped moving. The electricity is out in most cities. No one is delivering food to the markets. Atheists and non Christians are trying to help, to get them to sit down, to eat, but there are far too many of them and they don’t respond. Some of you may remember some 11 years ago when the discovery of the bones of Jesus Christ had no effect on Christians around the world, but apparently this astonishing revelation, that the belief that homosexuals were making a lifestyle choice is false, appears to have been the true pillar of the Church. As a result of this mass catastrophe, our civilization is in ruins. Uh-oh, our emergency lights are flickering. I’m sure we can continue to repor…..”

  • Freethnkr

    I was at the Washington Post website On Faith. This weeks topic is ..What does your faith lead you to believe about gay unions and gay clergy? Could you ever change your mind?

    It only has 90 posts. If you look at the Sam Harris’ threads some go into the thousands. I think it shows that there is more acceptance of the gay community compared to atheism these days.

    Certainly there is still those radical believers out there against homosexuality, but to me it obviously states that many more have grown in this area. I think much of that has been due to awareness.

    I am not sure my thoughts are appropriate for this thread, but it was something that jumped out at me while reading this article and posts.

  • Mike C

    Richard, that was great! Did you write that yourself?

    I’ve often made that same point – that conservative Christians often seem to care more about their conservative politics and “family values” than they do about their theology.

    I wonder, would you mind if I reposted your comment on my blog?


  • Richard Wade

    Your thoughts seem perfectly appropriate for this thread to me. I hope you’re right about acceptance of gays increasing. Certainly it is in the general population; several surveys show that the younger a person is, the more likely they are to be accepting of homosexuality. However I don’t see much if any progress in fundamental or evangelical Christians. As I joked about above, some seem to protect their justification to hate gays more vigorously than their assertion of Jesus’ divinity.

    I’m not sure that the number of responses to a particular thread is a reliable measure of the importance of an issue in society. Regardless, On Faith has several threads about gay issues going simultaneously, and they have garnered a total of several hundred responses. One started by Bob Ragan, a cleric who says he “converted” from being gay and now runs a “clinic” to help other gays convert has generated 187 comments so far, and it is very contentious.

  • Richard Wade

    Yes, that is a typical product of my twisted, irreverant mind. I’d be honored if you wish to repost it.

  • False Prophet

    Most Christian fundamentalists don’t actually have a theology–that’s what makes it so frustrating to deal with them. The majority of their movement is anti-intellectual. Instead of scholars like Augustine, Aquinas, Wesley, Calvin, Luther, Newman and Lewis, they have moronic self-help gurus like Rick Warren.

  • Johanna

    It’s sad that in order for gays to good about themselves they are compelled to condemn a person’s religious beliefs.

    In times of stife and hardship (a condition most black people are familiar with) whom do you suggest they place their faith in? People who define themselves by gross sex acts or our God? People who think it is just fine to tutor school children in the fine art of ‘fisting’ their partner? Hummmm….let me think.

    I can only imagine the hatred you must feel towards Charlene Cothran. She is no longer a slave to her base desires. She has awakened to a higher calling in life that has nothing whatsoever to do with the pleasures of this earth plane. But, many of you obviously cannot comprehend that. What on earth could be more compelling than your pleasure, right?

    And, you know what? If I didn’t believe in God, I might be just like you. But I’m not and neither is Charlene.

  • Patrick Craig

    Wow, Johanna, this is certainly out of left field. I want to explore your comments.

    It’s sad that in order for gays to good about themselves they are compelled to condemn a person’s religious beliefs.

    Please clarify – are you asserting that the other commenters on this blog entry are gay? Or are you speaking of a particular gay person or group of gay people who condemned your religious beliefs?

    People who define themselves by gross sex acts…
    …the fine art of ‘fisting’ their partner…
    …a slave to her base desires…
    …the pleasures of this earth plane…

    All of these appear to be negative comments toward homosexuality. Could you tell me, and PLEASE leave your bible out of this, what is so terribly wrong with homosexuality? If you can establish a good, non-supernatural reason why we should eliminate homosexuality from our world, maybe you can convince more people to help you achieve your goal. As it stands, the only reasons we here have heard come straight out of the bible, and we Atheists assign no authority or validity to that particular document. Even if we DID, we’d STILL have to ask, what is god’s problem with homosexuality?

    In times of stife and hardship (a condition most black people are familiar with)…

    This statement deeply saddens and disturbs me. It appears you are looking for racism, and though you will (unfortunately) find it just about anywhere you look, you’ll have a much harder time finding it here. The guy who runs this blog, Hemant, has roots in India, and if I were racist, I probably wouldn’t be here because his skin is darker than mine. :) Check out his book! I Sold My Soul on Ebay. You might find that you want to be “just like us” after all.

    Take care.

  • Darryl


    Your post is insulting to the intelligence. Do you know what goes on in the bedrooms of heterosexuals? You talk about

    People who define themselves by gross sex acts…
    …the fine art of ‘fisting’ their partner…
    …a slave to her base desires…
    …the pleasures of this earth plane…

    I’m rather conservative when it comes to sex, but I’ve been around. Honey, if you’re prudish about sex, then you’re going to be very disappointed with a whole lot of religious folk. Lust makes savages of us all. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Richard Wade

    Hey Johanna,
    If the idea of gays condemning a person’s religious beliefs bothers you, this site will help you to feel better.

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