(Mistaken) Godless Dollars

Siamang brings to my attention that many of the 300,000,000 new George Washington dollar coins were incorrectly minted.

Approximately 299,950,000 of them have “In God We Trust” written on the edge.

(Ok, that’s not the story, but it would be a damn good headline, yes?)

Yahoo says the 50,000 coins lacking the phrase have only been spotted in Philadelphia, but they are fetching close to $50 apiece on eBay.

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  • Richard Wade

    A NON-ALMIGHTY BUCK! We must get at least one for the National Atheist Museum!

  • http://www.whatbox.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I have to wonder about the dork who inspects his coins that closely.

  • TXatheist

    My mother in law is not a dork :) She collects coins and don’t even ask how many sets she has of the quarters with a state on them. I fret to wonder how many sets she will obtain of the new Presidential coins.

  • http://www.whatbox.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Oh, I beg your pardon!

  • http://www.daylightatheism.org/ Ebonmuse

    I’m excited – apparently my grandmother bought me a whole roll of these coins! I’ve got to think of something good to do with them. :)

  • Richard Wade

    Your grandmother is sweet.
    What you could do with those coins is you could give one to every atheist you know who thinks that getting that stupid motto off our money is such a terribly important issue. Then they could look at it whenever they wanted, and maybe move on to matters of more consequence, like this: or this:

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