Religious Bestsellers Watch

The New York Times has an unprecedented five books with a secular viewpoint currently on the Hardcover Nonfiction bestsellers list (top 35 books in the country):

And more secular books are coming to the list! I hope…

Including Taner Edis’ An Illusion of Harmony (available now!) and Chris Hitchens’ God is Not Great (available in May).

(via The Secular Outpost)

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  • Saint Gasoline

    You would have thought the publishers would have realized a lot of atheists are voracious readers long, long ago.

  • Dan Harlow

    Looks like I will be spending my Saturday at Barnes & Noble again :)

  • AgnosticAtheist

    I think the reality is that more questions are waking up and are searching for answers. I bet more Christians on the edge buy and read these books than atheists…. They’re the ones who care.