Washington Post Ad

The American Humanist Association will be placing an ad in Tuesday’s Washington Post congratulating Congressman Pete Stark for coming out as a nontheist.

Here’s the ad, placing him alongside some very iconic nontheists:


A larger PDF version is here.

(via The Labour Humanist)

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  • Steelman

    The ad talks about Humanist Americans, and calls Pete Stark a “nontheistic American.” I prefer to self-identify as a Humanist, since that label speaks to a lot of the things I do believe in, rather than the one thing I don’t. Also, I think “nontheistic” might be a better substitute for atheist, in the same way “nonreligious” is a better substitute for “I don’t go to church.” I think there’s less of a negative PR value with nontheistic, than atheist (not that anyone should be ashamed of the latter term), and I like it better than the seemingly condescending “bright.”