Goodbye Ze Frank!

Saturday is Ze Frank’s last day doing his video podcast. And I’m sad. I didn’t start watching until midway through his one-year project, and now he’s leaving :(

I don’t know who I’m going to watch now when I’m in bed but don’t want to go to sleep.

I’ll think of Ze everytime I see a rubber duckie. An ugly MySpace page. A strange looking sign. Bread. Someone kicking someone else’s ass. A close-up. An eagle.

And then I’ll quietly laugh even though no one else will understand why.

But if they do, we’ll share a special bond. A bond only sportsracers can share.

If you missed out on Ze’s awesomeness, watch some of his more popular shows here and here.

And of course, check out Ze’s atheist game.

Bye Ze! Come back soon!

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