It’s a random video.

But this is a good one from MadTV. (And how often do we get to say that!?)

(via Crooks and Liars)

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  • Prokop

    Unusually brilliant for MadTV.

  • Patrick Craig

    This is demon sacrilege. Our Good President, Dubya Bush, has done more for this country – and for the ENTIRE WORLD – than anyone in history! He has saved us all from the horrors of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and he has produced stability never before seen in Iraq (the obvious target of MadTV’s terrible blasphemy). He will do the same wonderful things for Iran and North Korea. You pinhead Atheists just wait and see.

    Hail to the Chief! Hail to the Dubya! And hail to his Atheist-hating father, the AICH DUBYA!

    “Bob” bless America. SLACK is the only way to save us all now…

  • Josh

    Best. MadTV Skit. Ever.

  • dean walsh

    dean i think people shuld have more help for children and thay shuld give up WAR becouse thats making it wose on children and uther people ther shuld be peas in the world