Free Hugs from Atheists

The Atheist, Agnostic and Freethinking Student Association (AAFSA) at the University of Florida has a great way to promote an upcoming event they’re organizing (featuring the great speaker and lawyer Eddie Tabash): They’re giving away hugs.

“Free Hugs from Atheists” will take place Thursday afternoon, and as the AAFSA website says:

We will offer the hugs with no strings attached, but at the same time, afterwards, inform people about the event this Sunday and ask them, if they are interested, if they would like a flyer with more information.

Nice use of italics there. And kudos to the group for holding such a positive event.

It separates the atheist group from, you know, other groups who keep pressuring you to come to meetings even after you’ve nicely told them “No”…

If you’re on the UF campus tomorrow, go get your hug!

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  • Daniel Morgan

    Thanks for helping with publicity!


  • King Aardvark

    Who is giving the hugs? Any hot girls involved or is it mostly greasy pimply 2nd year guys? That may have some effect on the success of the promotion :-)

    I hope you guys have addressed this issue, even if it requries going to far as to hire or bribe.

    Anyway, good job on spreading the love. People have been guilted for so long that a little love would be a welcome change.

  • Karen

    There’s a great YouTube video that may have inspired the campaign – or could have. Hey, who needs religion when you can get (and give) free hugs?! :-)

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