Nudie Calendar

If you would like to be in next year’s SkepChick or SkepDude calendars, application information is up at the Skepchick blog.

A montage of the most recent calendar’s greatest hits are here!

I’m wondering whether I should apply. More importantly, I want to apply, but I’m not sure what a funny, creative, I-don’t-want-to-regret-this-when-I-have-children pose would be.

I’ll take your suggestions and decide whether or not to apply based on them…

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  • Jim Henderson

    You holding a large happy face up to cover your entire body ?

  • Jen

    1. You should totally do this, because your children will never find the picture- do you know how much porn will be online by the time you have children and they decide to look for porn? I would guess the answer is huge.

    2. Poses… maybe posing with your book somehow? Or maybe posing with some sort of chalkboard with math on it (thats your grad major, right?) Or with your school’s symbol, if that would be legal, perhaps next to a sign or wearing the sweatpants or something

  • Allison

    You should go for it. I get many compliments on the 2006 Skeptidudes calendar (the chicks really dig it!). Do it while you’re young & pretty, then you can tell your grandkids “I remember the first time I posed naked . . .”

  • Dan Harlow

    You could pose while standing behind God. Of coruse since God does not exist your naughty bits will be fully exposed but that could be the title of the picture “Naked Hemant posing behind God”.

  • Logos

    Hemant If you do it I will buy enough copies to wallpaper my room with your pics.

  • spin sycle

    Ummmm….I’d do it…i don’t have many qualms about nakedness

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