HisHolySpace, Part 2

Well, my page on the site was approved last night.

It hasn’t even been a day. According to my email, I received two friend requests and got three comments in that time. But when I went to check them out, I was unable to log in. I requested a new password but that didn’t work, either.

It seems my account has been disabled.

Note to self: Next time, don’t use “Bob Jones” as an alias… they seem to catch on quickly.

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  • http://www.agnosticatheism.com AgnosticAtheist

    Did you say “darn” in your profile? Maybe they viewed that as cursing.

  • Richard Wade

    Hemant, maybe they knew you were coming. Maybe they have spies everywhere. It’s enough to make you paranoid. Not that I’m paranoid, mind you. They could be reading this right now. And writing some spy cookie thing that locks me out of their precious, insular little clubhouse. Not that I wanted in, mind you. We oughta make our own site called “EmptySpace” and not let them in unless they go on Blasphemy Challenge. Not that I give a damn, mind you. And we could play music and noise like a great party is going on inside, like we’re having lotsa fun. Not that I don’t have fun, mind you. And we put pictures of hot chicks out on the front page as if they’re members. Not that I don’t have a hot chick, mind you. And we could let one in just for a minute and then shut him out, just to be mean. Not that I’m mean, mind you. And we could laugh about what dorks they are to take all that stuff serious. Not that I’m being serious, mind you.

  • Christal

    I would like to comment on the statement about the site bitting from my space: who cares. If it was not for the Bible our debt would not be erased every 7 years from our credit reports. So many of our laws, music and ideas come from Christianity. I love going to the site I dont have to see boobs,butts or fowl words. Although I do not agree with all the “politics”, I stay out of that. To argue all the “politics” of Christianity is to take away Christ message of salvation. And is the site perfect, I think not , I have found none perfect but Christ Jesus. But to say that they should have to tolerated others views and beliefs, is to take away their rights. Muslims do not tolerate others beliefs why should Christians have to? We all need to spend more time examining our own ways and less time in our “brothers” business.And if your not feeling HisholySpace, don”t go. And if you really want to see change, pray for their leadership, and tell God how you feel about the site. Trust me God keeps up with His kids