Free Hugs from Atheists Follow-Up

The campus atheist group at the University of Florida held its Free Hugs from Atheists event yesterday.

Today, there was a great article about it in The Gainesville Sun:

Frank Zaccaro, toting a Bible, was screaming warnings of hell to passersby when a group of atheists tried to hug him.

“No, I don’t want that!” he yelled, and jumped back beyond their reach.

One of the rejected huggers, Robert Stark, said, “It would have been a good juxtaposition to the whole, him yelling about hell.”

Frank Zaccaro. Showing Christian love.

Of course, if Christianity is true, he’s right about hell. But why reject a hug? That’s like rejecting a teddy bear holding a cookie… how could you!

Maybe atheists have some sort of Satanic Cooties that I just don’t know about.

The article also elaborated on why the hugs were being given:

“We’re working on the image of atheists,” AAFSA President Daniel Morgan said. “We’re trying to show people that there are young, happy atheists who want to give hugs.”

Morgan, a 25-year-old University of Florida chemistry graduate student, said atheism faces a “gray problem;” people often picture atheists as “older, grumpy professors.”

Vice President Brandon Smock said tabling was an attempt to dispel some common misconceptions and to “provide an alternative to the inflammatory speech that usually dominates Turlington Plaza.”

“Atheists are some of the most moral, friendliest, most intelligent people I know,” he said.

That’s the power of positive atheism. Especially when written about in the same story as a Christian who won’t even accept a hug.

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  • Secular Planet

    I wish I were still a student there. I’d like some free hugs, too.

  • Patrick Craig

    You’ve got to be kidding. “No, I don’t want that!”??? That has to be the most awesome statement of christian hypocrisy ever made! That ranks right up there with the statement of a person I was debating yesterday on the bible: “The bible doesn’t tolerate everyone, nor is it good for everyone.” YES, SHE ACTUALLY SAID THIS TO ME. She retracted it really fast when I pointed it out to her. :)

    Hey, I happen to have Satanic Cooties. I was given them as a gift while engaging in a televised UberOrgy being sponsored by Dobbs and his Fifth Legion of Leopard Women Hookers. Dear “BOB” do they ITCH!!

  • Richard Wade

    Well, let’s have a little compassion for poor Frank. Maybe he was intimidated by a whole pack of roving atheists surrounding him. After all we’re known to be so vicious and treacherous. Maybe for him hugging is tangled up in sexuality and he could be a little neurotic about that stuff. He may not get very many hugs. If he was pumped up on fire and brimstone, hugging is kind of a quick change of gears. He deserves a second chance when he’s in a more huggable mood, if he has them.

  • vjack

    Since many Christians view atheists as the worst sort of beings, I suppose they would say that rejecting a hug from us is like us rejecting one from a pedophile, rapist, etc. Of course, I think much of their fear is the result of their knowledge that they are defending an indefensible position.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Thanks again for the coverage, Hemant.

    Heh. I know Frank pretty well, and I expected this reaction from him.

    In your earlier post, I noted that someone asked if we had only “pimply boys” out there. The answer is no. We had a few nice-looking ladies. We had no shortage of takers on the hugs from the student body at large. Frank was the exception to the rule.