The Official God FAQ

Here’s the Official God FAQ.

As Free Mind Joe says:

The Official God FAQ promises to be a valuable resource that I will surely be able to visit time and time again in search of information on this topic.

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  • Shishberg

    Something I’ve often wondered: why doesn’t God provide an FAQ to avoid church schisms and such?

    Q: Was Jesus human, or divine, or both, or neither, or one then the other, or what?

    Q: Should we pray to Mary?

    Q: Are we supposed to worship on Saturday, or Sunday, or whenever we feel like it?

    That would have been [i]really useful[/i] back when I was a Christian. Er… without the silences, I mean.

    (Vaguely relevant post:

  • Mriana

    *Mriana raises an eyebrow* Um… I don’t get it. My first reaction was, “Who the heck cares?” Then I skimmed over the link and now I’m puzzled about this. Isn’t this like asking, “Why doesn’t God send a handbook with every newborn baby born?” Although, as a parent, a handbook for the newborn would come very much in handy, considering each child is different and Child Psychology books aren’t helpful on an individual level. lol

    I could make a crude joke about praying to Mary, but I won’t. I’ll be good. :D

  • Mriana

    Oh I miss the link to the God FAQ. I like it. :D I just also realized my last post addressed Shishberg’s post. Whoops!

  • MTran

    That may be the best drafted FAQ I’ll ever read.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with MTran. I’m going to add the link on my blog. Awesome!