Letter From Pete Stark

Adam at Daylight Atheism sent a contribution to Congressman Pete Stark’s campaign after his announcement and received a letter from Stark’s office.

Go check it out!

One excerpt:

Some say it took courage to acknowledge being a non-theist. Actually, real courage is exemplified when we work to bring peace around the world through honest diplomacy; address the hunger and poverty that continues to grown [sic] amid areas of wealth; provide high quality health care to every resident; and ensure quality education for all children. We don’t need divine guidance to tell us what is needed. All we need to do is listen to our neighbors, open our hearts, and make the hard political choices that will lead us to a better life for all.

Wow. That is terrific. Adam’s response to the letter is worth reading

On a side note, I just learned how to use HTML coding for a highlighter. Woo!

I’ll stop going overboard with that.

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