Evolution, Creationism, and Subway

Jason Rosenhouse at EvolutionBlog has a great story to tell from his experience at a Discovery-Institute-sponsored Darwin vs. Design conference. He was standing in line at a Subway restaurant. A woman and three (unrelated) children were in front of him:

The woman was talking animatedly to the kids. “Did you see those people with the Happy Atheist shirts?” she said. “They were handing out leaflets.”

I perked up. Sadly, I had noticed no such people. If I had I would have gone over to lend them some moral support.

The woman continued. “I wish one of them were here. I can’t imagine how they can respond to all the evidence for design.” I won’t swear those were her exact words, but it was something very close to that.

How could I resist?

“Well, I’m an atheist,” I said. “Why don’t you ask me?”

Read the rest of Jason’s entertaining (thought ultimately very depressing) story here.

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