Short Hiatus

I’m heading to the American Atheists convention for a few days. If you’re there, please say hello :)

The rest of you, be good while I’m gone! Hopefully, the spambots won’t come back and make crazy comments.

And if the hotel makes me pay for Internet use, I’m going to be grumpy when I return.

There must be free Wi-Fi somewhere in Seattle…

  • Logos

    OK Hemant is gone, now we can all run wild!

  • King Aardvark

    Woooooo! Everybody get naked!

  • Prokop

    Don’t tell people when there is going to be a total lack of modding.

  • FriendlyAtheist

    Oh, the modding will occur. I’ll find a way to see what’s happening, somehow. Everyone should always assume I’m watching regardless of what I say… :)