Buying I Sold My Soul on eBay: An FAQ

I Sold My Soul on eBay will be released in bookstores everywhere on Tuesday! (Or so I’m told. If I’m wrong, Barbara’s Bookstore is *so* not going to happy with me.)

If your local bookstore isn’t carrying it, I suggest staging a hunger strike until a shipment of books arrives. You have my blessings.

Some of you have been asking me questions about buying the book so I’ll try to answer them all at once:

Where can I buy your book?
Well, if you shop at Borders, you can find it in the “Christian Life” section of the store.

No way.

Where should I buy your book?
If you get it through Amazon, you’ll get a discount! The $13.99 price drops to $11.19!

How much of a discount is that, Mr. Math Teacher?
$2.80. (Yep, I did that in my head!)

What can I do with the $2.80?
Use that money toward a second copy of the book. If you continue this process a few times, you’ll eventually save up enough to get a free copy! Understand the logic here? Don’t think about it too hard. Just trust me…

I’m a Christian– Why should I buy this book?
The Rob Bell foreword! The Publisher’s note! The Small Group Study Guide! Ted Haggard! Joel Osteen! That pastor down the street! You can see if your thoughts about boring sermons match those of an atheist! You can see if your church has already solved the issues raised in the book!

I’m an atheist– Why should I buy this book?
(*shh* Between us, this book is just for you!) It’s an example of how we can embrace those who think differently from us, and it could be an icebreaker when having those interfaith discussions. I hope it also provides a framework for sharing your heathen beliefs with religious friends and strangers in a positive way.

I’m a Zoroastrian– Why should I buy this book?
*ahem* Umm… *cough*… next question.

If I buy a book and then stalk you at a conference, will you sign it?
Of course! But if you’re creepy about it, I’m running away.

If I forgot to answer something, leave a question in the comments!

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  • I’m pre-ordered. I cannot wait.

  • Hemant,

    When will your book be released in the UK?

  • When will your book be released in the UK?

    I’m honestly not sure… I know it’s up on the UK Amazon site and that site gives the same Tuesday release date as in the US! Hope that helps 🙂

  • Hemant,

    Thanks! Very helpful, although I feel slightly dim for forgetting that you could buy books over the, oh, what do you call it, oh yeah, internet!

    I’ve pre-ordered it and am looking forward to reading it.

  • Miresse

    Congratulations Hemant! I can’t wait to have my own copy. 🙂

  • No way.


  • Hey Hemant,

    I just put up a couple more parts of my review of Rob’s “Velvet Elvis” at

    Join me there to discuss. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the book.

  • {quote}
    No way.


    chuckle- from a Christian. 🙂